Data Loader Batch Size

A quick post today about a simple setting to make use of when using Data Loader.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do an upload to thousands, or tens of thousands, (perhaps even millions) of records.

When we insert or update records with Data Loader, declarative automation fires, which can cause problems if you’re doing large data loads.

You’ll know what I mean If you’ve ever seen an error email that looked like this:


Essentially, the number of records that you’re inserting or updating at the same time is causing your declarative automation to hit Governor Limits.

The fix is simple, adjust the Data Loader Batch Size!

You can change this in the Settings menu.

Salesforce Data Loader Batch Size Settings Menu
A smaller batch size to the rescue!

By changing the batch size from the default of 200 to a lower number, say 25, you will reduce the demand on system resources. This, in turn, will let you stay under the governor limits (and fix that nasty error email).

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